Special Forces: Dangerous and Deadly

Many countries around the world place members of their military in elite groups known as special forces. These special forces consist of the military’s most highly trained members and are designated for the most important and dangerous missions. Certain countries’ special forces, however, stand out for being the deadliest special forces in the world because of the skills they possess and the high number of targets they have killed.
The most famous special forces group is the United States’ Navy Seals, who are arguably the most elite branch of the country’s military. They are best known for their mission to take down Osama Bin Laden and have played an important role in conducting operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.
Other countries also have their own premier special forces. The United Kingdom has the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service, both of which are highly involved in counter-terrorism missions, while France has the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group. In the Middle East Israel has the deadliest special forces unit with the Sayeret Matkal, which is also responsible for many counter-terrorism operations. Russia, Pakistan, and India are other countries that have their own special forces which play an important role conducting covert missions to protect their citizens and serve their country’s national interest.
Special forces, by definition, are a country’s deadliest weapon and they execute the most covert and high-risk missions. As warfare and covert affairs evolve, these groups will become even more vital for a country to possess. Special forces will continue to remain essential to protect their nation’s citizens against the dangerous threats of the world.